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The Axe

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The Axe

What to Expect!

Stripped to its essentials, an axe throwing session is:

  • 60 minutes / 30 minutes
  • Presided over by an axe coach
  • The first few minutes dedicated to training and ‘splaining
  • A good hour or so of deeply satisfying sinking of steel into wood hanging out on our patio with great vibes!
  • 1 hour of axe throwing with one of our Axeperts to teach you and serve you food and beverage


  • $17/ per person 30 minutes
  • $30/ per person 1 hour
  • $160/ per Axe Lane Rental reserve a full lane for up to 10 guest
  • If your party has 10 or more people we suggest that you add another lane or another hour on your lane.
  • Walk-ins are welcome, but reservations take priority.

*You MUST wear closed-toe shoes
*Minimum age: 13 years old 

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