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About Game 2 Life

The Barracks online system is an online community with many features. The Barracks is where your player profile is stored and can be accessed using anything with Internet access and web browser. You will set up a player profile on location and hold a membership card that you can scan at any iCombat facility and keep your previous stats from other locations for life. Stats include everything you experience on the battlefield. Accuracy, shots fired, time played, nemesis, MVP, close calls, games won, games lost, and much more. A summary report will be emailed after each mission keeping you in control of your player profile, showing you exactly how you did that match. Use the friend system to add your friends and be alerted via text or email on when they are reserved to play.
You can now find and friend other players from around the world on your Barracks profile. Simply search for the player username or full name and click to add. You can view your friends’ timelines to see their recent activity. This new timeline page on your profile will show how you rank among your friends and show off all of their latest accomplishments. This is a great way to quickly see what’s new within your iCombatcommunity every time you log in. Don’t forget, reservations, the global leaderboard, your complete stats and all your other favorite features are still available to check out at any time.


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