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Next Level Laser Combat

This isn’t your old school laser tag game, iCOMBAT offers the best of the best in tactical laser combat.


Laser Combat

Built for the Battlefield

You’ll complete intense missions straight out of your favorite video games and movies while fighting at our incredibly realistic Hollywood set of a modern military base. Designed to completely immerse you into combat, creating the best tactical laser combat experience on the market. From the moment you enter the combat field you will notice our two story buildings, grass, combat tent, authentic army vehicles and all of the props which are strategically placed to give you the most realistic experience not found anywhere else.

Two Teams are locked into combat, holding the most realistic tactical laser tag equipment available. As you experience the recoil and noise from your rifle you hear jets scream over and bombs detonating all around. The timer counts down 5,4,3 as you’re on the verge of accomplishing your mission you spot your enemy. What happens next is up to you.

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