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The Axe – FAQ’s

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The Axe – FAQ’s

Axe Throwing

Everything important you need to know before getting started!

Is axe throwing safe?
  • Only the two active competitors throwing are allowed inside the throwing area. We ask that all other competitors wait behind in the lanes in the safety zone. We have an expert coach (axepert) who supervises your whole event, starting with one-on-one safety and technique training. They will continue to make sure all safety protocols are adhered to the whole time.
  • We do not let anyone intoxicated throw. You can drink beer or wine, but if an axepert notices that you are drunk, we’ll set your axe down!
How do you play?
Each thrower gets five throws per round. The score points are calculated for each axe that sticks to the target. The highest score wins the round, best of three round wins match! Our axeperts take care of the training, scoring, and flow of your group’s tournament so you can enjoy it and focus on hitting that bullseye!
What do I wear?

The only requirement we have is that you MUST wear closed-toed shoes. We suggest wearing comfortable clothing to give you full range of motion for throwing. We’d suggest skipping Tom’s or softer shoes.

Will someone teach me how to throw?

Yes! Our axeperts (expert coaches) will be with you the entire time, beginning with safety rules and with one-on-one throwing instruction. Your group will learn safety and perfecting techniques so that you’re hitting bullseyes in no time.

Is there an age limit?
Kids under 18 may come throw axes with a parent before 8 PM.
After 8PM, Axe Throwing Society is 18 and older.

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